Billing: Active Profiles vs Recipients a month.

  • 23 April 2021
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A bit confused on the Active Profiles/Recipients/Emails/Campaigns related to billing. 

Say we have 137,000 active profiles but are at the $20/month plan that allows (I guess??) 251 - 500 people.

Are we charged $1,600/month even if we only send 1 campaign a month to a segment of 400 people?

Same situation but say we send out 300 campaigns a month with each campaign including 400 different profiles from our 137,000 active profiles. How much will we be billed? The same $20/month right?

Another question, let’s say in a month we send out 1 campaign to a 400 person segment from our 137,000 “active profiles”. Two days after that campaign goes out we re-send the campaign to 399 contacts that did not open the campaign. Will we have exceeded our 251 - 500 people (recipients?)?

Another question, if we have over 137,000 active profiles but never send out a campaign, will we still be charged $1,600/month just because we have that many “active profiles.”

Hope my examples make sense, because I am royally confused on profiles vs active profiles, people vs recipients,  emails vs campaigns ext.


Luke :)


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Hi Luke,

if you’d like to send a campaign to only 400 people, select a plan that allows sending to that size (i.e. 250-500 etc.)

Klaviyo only charges you for active profiles. This means you can have 100,000 profiles and suppress i.e. 20,000 inactive/unengaged ones. You will keep all 100k profiles in Klaviyo, but will only need to pay for 80k

if you want to resend a campaign to the same profile, it won’t count as a new profile.

If you want to pay less and segment your audience so it fits your lower plan, you can do so, but honestly it’s a lot of extra work. (i.e. you have 100k profiles, but choose a 10k plan - you will have to send each campaign 10x so it reaches everybody) & I’d highly advise against it.

Also worth noting, it’s up to you to choose the plan and it’s size first and decide to pay, Klaviyo won’t all of a sudden charge you, it will instead limit your ability to send, if you've reached max available profiles.

Hope this helps! If you need any marketing help, feel free to reach out to me or our agency



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Hi @Luukee 


Thanks for reaching out in the community!


There’s a great article in our help center here that provides an overview of how Klaviyo bills for Emails. I’d also like to mention this guide around SMS billing.  As @Admire Marketing the best way to manage your pricing is to regularly clean your list and suppressing them so they are not active profiles. 


I’d also suggest reaching out to Klaviyo’s sales team regarding specific account pricing by requesting a demo from the top right of the home page or by going to


I hope this helps!