How to block a bot that uses a slightly different email address to sign up

  • 29 May 2022
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There’s a bot that keeps subscribing to my emails and adding to cart.  How do I block it?


It always uses the same name, but the numbers in the email are slightly changed. 

One of the emails is

How do I block it?


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Hello Vanni,

I hope you’re doing well ?

I’m not sure that we can “block” an email with Klaviyo. However, I would suggest you to create a segment with the condition “Properties about someone - Email contain fakemail”.


This segment will include all the bot email addresses and you’ll just have to suppress it regularly.


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Thanks for the tip!  I also added the first name and last name.  

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My pleasure 😊

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Hi @vanni,

If there's a uniqueness to all of these signups (i.e. always using @fakeemail) I'd add that to the segment. I'd then also add these (or 1 generic) rule to the flows so it won't trigger the flow for the people who sign up.

Using double opt-in might prevent these people from getting on the list but if you're using double opt-in I don't know if there's a way to filter these people out from not receiving confirmation emails. But double opt-in might also be a good preventative measure.




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Hey there @vanni,

Some other community members encountered the same issue in another thread and solutions can also be found there!


Hope this helped,