How To Resend Email Confirmations?

  • 6 November 2020
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Dear community,


I have an existing list of newsletter subscribers. In Germany, they only are officially subscribers if they confirm their subscription via a email confirmation.


2 questions:

  1. Could you please tell me how I can individually send a specific mail (in this case: Email Confirmation) to a list of email addresses? (Screenshot 1)
  2. How can I edit the text part at the bottom of the screenshot 2?



Thanks so much and best wishes,



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3 replies


Does anybody understand the issue and can help me?

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Hi Marcel @sipcult

For your second question - you can edit those pages in the Subscribe and Preference pages tab! You can learn more about editing this in this article

If you are trying to resend a confirmation email to customers that subscribed to your newsletter but did not confirm their subscription (part of the double opt in process), you can resend them an email in two ways: 

  • From an individual profile’s personal Inbox
  • From the Recipient Activity view of a message

You can learn more about how to do each step in this article.
Please note that sending from Recipient Activity is the best way to capture a larger audience, and likely the most applicable for you in this case. You can resend for Flows or for Campaigns

However, if you want to resend a flow or campaign message for a certain recipient, first navigate to their Klaviyo profile. Next, navigate to their Messages inbox and find the email you wish to resend within either the Sent or Skipped tab. Click Resend.


Hope that’s helpful! 

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@cassy.lee it's not possible to manually (re)send the double opt-in confirmation message if I'm right. If there is a way to do so I'm all ears. The only way would be to have another flow trigger which sends an email with a signup to list action basically copying this link and re-triggering a signup. @sipcult this could be a workaround. Test before to make sure it works and if I remember correctly you can't re-trigger a double opt-in confirmation for the same list so you should create a separate list for that in Klaviyo. 

The only question which is left unanswered is it ok or best practice to resend double opt-ins? I do see cases where it makes sense so having 1 additional email as a reminder might work.