Fulfilled Order Definition on Campaign Report

  • 16 September 2021
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Is the Fulfilled Order Definition:


  1. The total number of contacts sent that specific campaign who made a purchase?
  2. The total number of contacts in the list of segment sent the campaign who have made a purchase at any time?




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Hi @JDoubleFizzle ,


Thank you for writing in!

Fulfilled Order is an event recorded into Klaviyo when your e-commerce store marks the order as Fulfilled. Depending on your e-commerce store, you can find the definition in our help center documentation.

Here’s the definition for Fulfilled Order in Shopify -


If you are specifically referring to the campaigns overview, I would recommend using the “Placed Order” event instead of the “Fulfilled Order” event to get a true number of customers who purchased after opening or clicking your campaign.

If you do use the “Fulfilled Order” event in your campaigns overview, it will be the number of people who opened or clicked your campaign and then Fulfilled their Order.

Klaviyo uses a last touch revenue attribution model and you can read about it here.


Happy Sending!




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Perfect. and thank you for the quick turnaround. Appreciate ya.

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Hey, what is meant by the word “fulfilled” here?

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Hey @nambirajanks,

As @nikitavaidya had stated, a fulfilled order is an order which has been marked as “fulfilled” within your Shopify store. An order is marked as “Fulfilled” within your Shopify backend when an order is prepared for delivery as mentioned in the Fulfillment subsection of the Shopify Help Center.

You can also learn how to set up fulfillment within your Shopify store from the Setting up fulfillment Shopify Help Center article. In addition, you can also learn more about the events and metrics that are synced to Klaviyo from Shopify from the Reviewing Your Shopify Data Help Center article we offer!

I hope this helps!


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Thanks David. Appreciate that :)

What about woocommerce based store, we don’t have any fulfilled status instead of “Complete” . Is it same ? 

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Hey @Kashif,

A “Complete” order status would initiate a fulfilled order event in WooCommerce that would then get synced to Klaviyo. As explained in the Fulfilled Order subsection of our WooCommerce data reference Help Center article:

This event tracks when you mark an order as "shipped" in your WooCommerce store. Klaviyo records a Fulfilled Order event when we sync an order with the status of completed.

WooCommerce’s own Managing Orders documentation also shares a similar sentiment:

  • Completed — Order fulfilled and complete – requires no further action.