High Bounce Rate on Flow | Fake Email Addresses - Help!

  • 26 May 2023
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I am auditing all of our live flows and I came across our Abandoned Cart Flow which has an unusually high bounce rate across the board at almost 9%. Upon looking into the analytics, I found that there is a long list of fake emails:


Do you know why this would happen or how to prevent it?



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Hi @abakken ,

It looks like a bot signup or somebody tried to test run the abandoned cart. I’d suggest you to implement:

  1. Captcha on all your web forms to capture new email signups or subscription
  2. List validation system to validate emails in real time
  3. DOI to gather quality email ids in your list

If you can share the website URL, I can dig further to find the loopholes.




Hi, yes. The website URL is Can you give more details on how to execute your suggestions? Thank you!

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Hi Ashleigh,

Well! It’ll require some technical intervention from folks who manages your website backend and implementing 3rd party systems for email validation and captcha. And, that depends on technical feasibility checks and priorities to be aligned with your tech dept. I’d be happy to get it done with you, if that sounds good to you.

Also, I noticed you do send a confirmation email for double opt in when somebody subscribe to a newsletter but, authentication domains are not aligned and DMARC not implemented in the headers. This is a must to safeguard your email reputation and deliverability.

Happy to hop on a call and talk further, if that’s okay!




I also noticed a lot of fake profiles in my subcribing list. Just after that Klaviyo informed me that I reached the maximum amount of profiles and needed to get an higher price plan…

Do you see where this is going?

In order to contact the customer service, I also need to get an higher price plan…

What kind of methods do you think this is?

Is it legal?

For sure, this is not a reliable service to me, for now and in the future.

I am building a business and I have other things to deal with than that…

I though Klaviyo would help me grow, not this.


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You could also add a manual “subscribe” flow that is sent to everyone who’s emails come into your account. And they have to subscribe before your other flows will target them. We help a lot of our clients get super high conversion rates using methods like this

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Hello @aerea,

I’m sorry to hear you too are facing a similar behavior of having fake addresses found in your account and increasing the profile count. 

This sort of behavior typically stems from either bots or visitors trying to sign up through your site to gain discounts. It’s typically pretty easy to distinguish the two.

For starters, if you aren’t already using double opt-in, I would highly recommend it to prevent these fake profiles from entering your list. This process requires users to confirm their email and subscription prior to being added to the list and help dissuade those simply signing up for a discount. This process will also ensure bots/fake emails are not ending up on your list - which could harm your sending reputation from continued outreaches.

Mirroring what @inboxingmaestro has already suggested, incorporating some sort of catpcha verification or list validation system would be the best course of action in preventing this sort of behavior from bots. 

Overall, the responsibility of managing your subscriber lists and profiles is on the onus of the account holder.