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  • 29 September 2022
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Hi! Using Klaviyo SMS and in my welcome flow I have our website link included. To have utm tracking/conversion reporting enabled I have to use Klaviyo’s short link. But my issue is it’s no longer branded as our website, and just a random short Klaviyo link (ex: Can we customize the Klaviyo short links? Like when you create a Bitly link, you can customize the back end. Is this possible?




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3 replies

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Hi @brit,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

This is a feature that’s currently in limited availability (we’re testing with a few users to get it right) - so it’s very much in the works! But we’ll need a bit more time before it’s ready to be released to general public.

I hope that’s helpful!

Any update on this? Our audience is old and doesnt know what a link shortener is. The fracture spelling of Kl4v!io isnt helpful, and the lack of tracking without it even less so.

Also why does every link have to be shortened? I want to spell out our short domain name and add another link using your shortener, only because your’re forcing me to for analytics sake.
I cant explain to my audience where the short link goes to if I cant type the full link out before adding the short one. It’s really annoying and seems not well thought through from a company that constantly waffles on about ‘user experience’.

4 months is a long time for a feature update, considering you ‘introduced’ (if you can call it that) SMS more than 4 months ago.

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@saintBen Yes! I was able to get a custom shortened link from our SMS integration rep at the time. It was at the time just being tested, so not widely offered. The shortened link is still not super insightful as you’re wanting. It looks like: https://sms.[your choice].com/[random combination] And cannot be changed. So really only customization is adding your brand name instead of klaviyo