Add real postcards to e-mail flows

  • 31 December 2021
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Hi, I would like to add real postcards to my flows. This way I can reach more customers. Also, e-mail in combination with real postcards shows very high conversion rates.

I have found a company that has an interesting API that enables me to send personalized postcards to my customers. I want to build a flow that triggers an API call to their application so they can automatically print and mail the cards for me. 

I would like to know how we can use Klaviyo’s API to realize this. Can anyone tell me if this is possible and if yes, how we should build it?



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Hi @MeesNijland


Welcome to the Community, we’re glad you’re here! I love the idea to send your new subscribers a postcard, feels very personal!


Unfortunately, it is not possible to trigger an API call in a flow. While you can use the API organized around our REST API to pull certain information about people such as a profile’s events or list and segment members, basically anything listed here can be fetched via a GET request, that would essentially export data from Klaviyo to your postcard integration. I would pay special attention to the “data warehouse” use case in the API doc to understand what the API calls are doing with the data.


Using this specific API call will allow you to send the necessary profile information to create a postcard, however, we cannot create a call in a flow to trigger that application to print the postcard. A potential workaround for this could potentially be to set up the Welcome Flow and send one of your email messages explaining that a  post-card is on the way or a “special gift” is in the mail for them.


Additionally, you could also use personalization variables in your email to still give a personalized feel.


Thanks for participating in the Community!