Can I trigger multiple refund events for a single order through the API?

  • 13 October 2021
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I have an order that includes multiple items. If the items are refunded separately at different times, I would like to send a Refunded Order event for each of them. It seems like Klaviyo is only registering the first of the refund events. Is it possible to send multiple refund events for a single order?


2 replies

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Hey @Strawhouse 

Thank you for asking the Klaviyo Community for help with Refund Order events.

I have a clarifying question first, you are using a custom API, correct? If you are using a custom API, what system of coding are you using? While Klaviyo does not give direct support for custom API integrations, I’m sure the superstars of the Community could use the additional information to help formulate an answer for you. 

While i know I didn’t answer your question, I hope we can get a dialogue going to get an answer! Thank you for posting this great question!!


Hi @stephen.trumble,

I’m tracking refund events through the Klaviyo REST API: I’m working in Node.js, although I think my question has has more to do with how the Klaviyo API behaves.

Through testing I found that if I specify a unique `$event_id` for each refund event (`orderId_itemId` instead of just `orderId`), they will all show up in Klaviyo attached to the profile. This sort of works, but based on the Klaviyo docs, I’m assuming we lose the Order<>Refund association:

> For Cancelled Order and Refunded Order to be included in CLV calculations, they must have $event_ids that correspond to a previously tracked Placed Order event

It would be ideal if I could track multiple Refunded Order events for a single order and have them all associated with the order.