Get a list of Company Users in my third-party integration

  • 5 January 2022
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I am trying to create an integration with Klaviyo where I need to fetch the data about company users (Admin, Manager, Analyst, etc.) but I’m unable to find any endpoint in REST API from where I could get this info. Can anyone please help me find the solution I’m trying to find? Thanks!

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Hi there @digno360,

Welcome to the Community! 

Adding a Custom eCommerce Integration is possible via our API, with the help of your developer. We have both Javascript and server-side endpoints for our Track (for sending events) and Identify (for sending profile properties) APIs.

We recommend sending orders via our server-side API because it avoids a couple of use-cases in which front-end order tracking would not work:
1) if someone is using a javascript-blocking plugin
2) if someone is on a slow computer and javascript does not load in time on their checkout page

The standard setup for ecommerce platforms that do not provide access to server-side code would be to set up an intermediary server that collects the last 5-20 minutes of orders and sends them to us as server-side Track API calls. This ensures all of the order data is complete and bypasses any potential front-end issues. If this is not an option, you can absolutely send us order information via Javascript Track calls with the caveats listed above.

Here's some more specific information on our server-side and Javascript APIs:

1. Identify API

2. Profiles API

3. List V2 API

4. Manual import

Let me know if those docs helped, if not I will be more than happy to answer your questions again.