How to structure data correctly - custom API integration

  • 6 January 2022
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Hi! I’m testing a custom integration between Klaviyo and our webstore and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the same result as with Shopfiy integration - I would like to structure an API call that would produce something similar to this:

I would like to have a product image displayed and other order details in a table like in this example above.

I checked this page: and tested an API call example, but all I get is like this: 

I’m not sure where to look for additional documentation and would be really happy if someone can help me. Thanks!


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Hi @mihamajetic,

Thanks for sharing this with our community.

While our “standard” integrations provide images in the activity feed, for any custom events, you won’t be able to display a product image + table format like you see in your example with Shopify’s Placed Order event. I know it doesn’t look as pretty, but all of the capabilities and functionality are identical 🙂