Tracking the initial source of a customer

  • 30 November 2021
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Hi Klaviyo Community,


I would like to see where customers came from, to list out the best performing social channels.

In detail, I want to not see the Facebook site (how much revenue the ads are generating) but the full view: What’s the predicted CLV for customers that came from a facebook ad vs. other traffic channels.

For that, I want to have tracked where the Initial entry point of a customer was.

I know there’s “initial source” but I want to know in detail where people came from before purchasing.


Happy to hear your answers!


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Hello @Mag3me,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

You can simply build a segment of users and export the properties for predicted CLV and Initial Referring Domain (as long as you meet the requirements for predictive analytics outlined here).



You may also find value in reviewing the solution in the following thread on segmentation:


I hope that helps! 


Hi @Dov ,


thank you for your message!


I tried what you suggested, but there are almost no customers inside.


If I filter e.g. all Customers who placed order at least once it’s 7000. If I use Properties - Initial Referring Domain equals (or contains, made no difference for me) - OR, Instagram etc. I have 24 people in it.


Even if I use “Initial Source” equals referral, I’m only at around 900 people. My client just has facebook / IG ads turned on, so their traffic (and therefore the customer base), is mainly consisting of that.


Is it possible to track which ads (or at least detailed which source) they were clicking when they first became customers? Via custom code on the website or similar? As those existing properties don`t seem to be sufficient!


Really looking forward  to your answer!

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Hi @Mag3me.

I’m afraid we can only work within the parameters of the existing properties. Aside from exporting or segmenting the source or CLV, you can look to our integration with Facebook, specifically the lead ads feature. Using Facebook lead ads with Klaviyo will allow you to funnel in users who fill out a Facebook lead ad into Klaviyo, provide a Lead Ad metric with a corresponding Lead Ad ID. You can use this ID to identify where someone came from within Facebook by leveraging it in a flow, campaign, report etc. Here’s an example screenshot of what creating a flow based on the “Filled Out Lead Ad” metric with a filter for “AdId” would look like:


Alternatively, you can build a custom report using the “Filled Out Lead Ad” metric to keep track of information pertaining to this event.

You may want to investigate our new developer portal and reach out to one of our terrific partners for any further custom solutions.

I hope that is helpful!