Unsubsribing profile from a list without removing e-mail consent

  • 4 January 2022
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I’m testing unsubscribing user from a specific list. I’m using following API call with DELETE method:


I have a profile subscribed to two lists, like this:

but after API call is completed, consent status is set to false, like this:

Consent status is: Unsubscribed from all lists - which really weird, because under Lists & Segments a list is still displayed (which is correct, because I removed user from only one list).

Thank you for you help!


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Hello @mihamajetic,

Great question!

This seems like an expected behavior if you were removing and unsubscribing the user from the list while using the Unsubscribe Profiles From List{list_id}/subscribe endpoint. Because this endpoint is meant to unsubscribe and remove a user, Global Suppression would be applied as part of the request. As mentioned in our Guide to Suppressed Profiles in Klaviyo Help Center article:

If you have Klaviyo's global unsubscribe feature enabled, which is highly recommended, someone will become globally suppressed in your account after unsubscribing from any email. This means that if someone unsubscribes from just one list, they will be suppressed from any list they are on.

However, if your intended goal was to only remove a user from a list without the Global Suppression feature being applied, you’ll want to use the Remove Profiles From List{list_id}/members endpoint instead.

I would also suggest reading up on the below Help Center articles to further understand suppressions and consent best practices of your Klaviyo profiles. If you haven’t already visited, our Developer’s Portal has a number of resources that may be helpful to further understand the usages of the various endpoints.  

I hope this helps!



Great! Thank you for an explanation.