Advice on Creating Product-Specific Abandoned Cart Flows

  • 2 December 2020
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Abandoned cart flows are one of the first flows Klaviyo recommends ecommerce businesses set up. Since it’s triggered by a customer starting checkout, you know there’s interest, and the abandoned cart flow helps remind customers to complete their purchase. 

Depending on your business, you may be thinking of creating more specific flows for your products. Say you only have a few products and you want each to have a different abandoned cart experience, or perhaps your brand has a hero product that you want to give some extra attention to, Klaviyo can help you do that.

Creating a Product-Specific Abandoned Cart Flow

If you want a particular product to have it’s own specific flow, set the Flow Trigger to Checkout Started and add each product as a trigger filter. If you have a more generalized abandoned cart flow for other products, be sure to also add a trigger filter to that flow excluding the products in the dedicated flow to ensure customers don’t receive two abandoned cart emails from you.


Creating Product-Specific Content Within an Abandoned Cart Flow

If you don’t want to create a dedicated flow experience, but still want to personalize the content of your message around the products in customers’ carts, try using a trigger split action instead of a trigger filter. Trigger splits will reference the original event that triggers the flow and determine if contacts match the criteria set in your split. This way you can maintain different product-specific experiences within one flow.


As you build out and iteration your flows, you may find that one of these methods works better for you than the other. If you have any experience or questions about creating product-specific abandoned cart flows, share them here so we can discuss!

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