Anyone Experienced in Countdown Timers within Klaviyo?

  • 23 August 2022
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Best (or Worst) Countdown Timer Apps for Use in Klaviyo?




Motion Mail?


Hey, all!

Just wondering if anyone has personal experience with countdown timer apps and can recommend one app over another for use in Klaviyo email campaigns and/or flow emails. (Or if there are any apps to stay away from.)

We’ve not used a countdown timer app before and I’ve researched reviews/blogs about some of the seemingly top choices, but I’d love to hear opinions from actual Klaviyo users. Any must-have features? Best practices?


Image Block vs. Text Block Source Code

I read a previous Klaviyo Community post where the conclusion was that using the text block source code for a countdown timer will allow the timer to run down to zero in Klaviyo rather than an image block (every time the email is refreshed the timer counts down from the beginning again), so we will take that functionality into consideration in our decision. Anyone have further feedback/advice around this?


Charged per Impression / Apple MPP

It’s interesting that the apps I looked at all charge based on “impression,” which is counted every time an email containing a countdown timer is opened. I wonder how they account for all of the cached opens via Apple MPP settings, etc. 🤔 Is it true that a timer will not display for users who have MPP enabled? (I realize this might be specific to each app, but just as a general functionality question...)


Fallback Mode / Backup Image

Anyone have experience with these features?:

Some platforms recommend enabling a “fallback mode” that detects a user’s incompatible mail app and thus hides the timer for that user.

Some platforms say that you can upload a “backup image” that will display in place of the timer, but I’m not sure if this is detected and displayed automatically or if we define specific parameters in which it would display.



The Klaviyo Support article on this topic uses Sentric and CountdownMail in the examples, but I know there are numerous other app options. I don’t know if those two were chosen as examples because they are more compatible with Klaviyo or if they were randomly chosen.


We will likely choose a paid subscription so that we can get more customization, reporting, and the ability to brand it our own.


I appreciate any and all feedback and advice. Thank you!


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Hi @Brianna


Thanks for starting this conversation! 


Typically, we suggest features that work best with Klaviyo, but I understand wanting to get more insight! I know @lex_zap asked out countdown timers previously in the Community and I wonder if she has any opinions she can share? 


Additionally, @retention, @Spark Bridge Digital LLC and @Mailbox Manny do you have any experience with countdown timers or if there are other good option that work with Klaviyo other than those mentioned in our HC article? 


Thanks for participating in the Community!



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One timer that has never given me any issues on projects is using DeadlineFunnels’.
It is a bit more involved that the timer’s listed but is a great tool beyond just the timer features.

It allows you to create evergreen timers (meaning it is dynamic per person who receives it) or even just a set deadline timer. It’ll produce an HTML script you can throw into a text block and it has fall-back images included in that and you can change/customize those. 

You can even get timers put onto your landing pages and it’ll cookie the person’s timer so that when they click the email, it’ll reflect the same deadline countdown (if you wanted to go the evergreen route) and you can control re-directs as well if the timer in the email does expire.

Great tool that I love using for smarter deadline timers!

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I don't have experience with timers.  


@Spark Bridge Digital LLC have you A/B tested timers in emails to see the results? I'm curious to hear if they've made a difference or more for aesthetics.