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  • 14 March 2022
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Will the Back in stock feature ever be compatible with custom themes? Love that Klaviyo has the feature but i have to use a 3rd party app for my theme. This would be absolutely amazing to add.

1 reply

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Hey there @UnrulyQueen,

Welcome to the Community!
Going to share some info here for those who might share similar ideas:
 To clarify this further, Klaviyo's pre-built back in stock flow and syntax are designed to work with free Shopify themes, but the coding we use for custom themes is not supported.  For stores which have a custom theme, we have developer documentation for implementing back in stock code in our developer's portal.  This does require you to build a custom solution, but also provides total control over the user experience.  
We are unable to further support custom themes when implementing the BIS feature, so if you are in need of a developer's help beyond these documents, I would recommend reaching out to one of our partners in our partner directory.

I hope this context and explanation are helpful. Have a good day!