Back in Stock Flow - "Continue selling when out of stock"

  • 15 July 2021
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Good day,

currently we have implemented the "Back in Stock" flow from Klaviyo / Shopify.

Everything is working fine so far.

However, the "Back in Stock" flow is only triggered as soon as we set the stock from 0 to 1, for example.

However, when we enable the "Continue selling when out of stock" feature on Shopify, no email is sent out (if the stock is still 0)

Is there any possibility on the part of Klaviyo / Shopify, if the "Continue selling when out of stock" feature is enabled and the stock is still at 0, that emails will be sent out with "Back in Stock" Flow?

This is very important for us, because we offer among other things products with print on demand and we have here no real stock and we work here very often with the function "Continue selling when out of stock".

Thanks in advance.



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Hi ,


So the clear statement is:


There is no solution to the issue of "Continue selling when out of stock" without adjusting the actual inventory?


Thanks for your help!


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I used to have back in-stock notifications setup using an app and as well as allowing for backorders (i.e. continue selling when out of stock, but with a different “Add to cart” button message) it also added the notify me when back in stock function for these products.  We have lost a lot of sales via backorders without this feature working.  It’s very disappointing that there is no solutions with the Shopify Klaviyo integration for this.  

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Hello @Pat 

Great question!

Klaviyo’s back in stock flow works by detecting when there is a change in your inventory levels from zero to a certain amount set by your minimum inventory rule. When you enable the setting of "Continue selling when out of stock", this makes the product available to purchase despite not having any listed inventory. Because of this, Klaviyo’s back in stock flows will not trigger any emails to be sent out to those who have subscribed to this product due to having no physical changes in the inventory level. Only once your product’s inventory level rises to your minimum inventory rule set will the back in stock email be sent out to your customers. 

In addition, when the “Continue selling when out of stock” setting is enabled, this would mark the product as available. Due to this product being marked as available, Klaviyo’s back in stock model would not appear onsite for this product; thus preventing your users from subscribing to back in stock for this item as it would just be an available product to purchase regardless of the designated inventory levels in your backend.

I’ve also included some other resources below that may further help you understand how Klaviyo’s back in stock function works:

I hope this helps!