Campaign Name Structure?

  • 23 November 2022
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Very interested in how everyone is structuring their naming convention for campaigns. Do you keep it short? Long? What kind of unique identifiers do you include in the campaign name vs. tags?


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3 replies

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Hi there @Candice McNamara ,

Welcome to the Community.

I think this is a great discussion to have with others who specialize in the marketing field. As for name vs tags, I believe this would be up to you based on your organizational structure and brand itself. Since tags would only be visible internally it would be whatever works best for you.

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I just keep it short but with enough info for me to know what the campaign is about when I am doing a quick look or for reporting.

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I know it’s a dated thread, but I have been thinking about this quite a bit. For us, campaigns from Meta, Google, Klaviyo, influencer campaigns and more come into some of the same dashboards, so there are things we need to make sure get into the campaign or flow name. We also work with several clients who have multiple brands. So platform, client name and brand name are all pretty important to get into the actual campaign name. Beyond that, I was considering a year-month-day of the send date, then a brief description of the promotion/event/purpose of the campaign. But then, what to do with the send date changes? Do you update the campaign name? Or maybe you leave the date out. Maybe that doesn’t need to be seen in the dashboard. I haven’t come up with something I feel great about.