Can I edit the abandoned cart product table to only show certain items?

  • 19 January 2023
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Hello! First time posting. 


In the Abandoned Cart workflow, the dynamic table that is placed in the email shows a list of items that the customer added to their cart. However, I have some items I don’t want showing in the cart. For example, I dont want “shipping protection” shown which is technically a product line item in their cart, but it’s not the product. It’s just ugly and not necessary to show and I’m hoping to remove it from future emails.

It looks like the solution before was to wrap the table in an IF statement that excluded items I can tag. But I dont know how to do this in the new email builder. The prior solution is demonstrated in the old way.

Here’s the link to the answer using the old builder: 


How can I fix this?  


Thank you!


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Hi @RDLE, welcome to the community!

I think the link you referenced was one of my posts to this - so I’d thought I jump in here and see if I could help. In the new editor, you can do the same if/else code wherever a standard Text/HTML or Image source is required. 

See here: 

The tag `ac_exclude` is added to certain products in Shopify, so they will be skipped in the loop of items in the new cart. 


I really appreciate your help! It appears to be working on recent emails! 

Yes, you can edit the abandoned cart product table to only show certain items on Klaviyo. You can do this by using Klaviyo's liquid tags to filter the data and display only the desired items. For example, you can use the where filter to select specific products based on their attributes, such as product type or price range. You can also use the sort filter to sort the products in a specific order, such as by price or popularity. The exact method for filtering the abandoned cart product table will depend on the specific data you want to display and your familiarity with Klaviyo's liquid tags. If you need assistance, you may want to consider reaching out to Klaviyo's support team for guidance.