Do customers who subscribe to my brand at checkout in Shopify enter my Welcome Series Flow?

  • 4 June 2021
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Yes - anyone who subscribes to the List that is connected to your Welcome Series will enter the Flow. This includes customers who subscribe during the checkout process in Shopify (prior to May 25, 2021, customers who subscribed at checkout in Shopify did not enter the Welcome Series). 


During the Shopify checkout process, your customers have the option to subscribe to your main marketing List:



If they check the box to accept marketing, they will enroll in your List after they successfully complete their order. Once they are in the List, they will enter your Welcome Series Flow. Please note that if your List has Double Opt-In enabled, the customer must confirm their subscription in order to enter your List and enroll in the Welcome Series. 

2 replies

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What is your recommended way to exclude people who sign up at checkout from the welcome flow? It doesn’t make sense for them to go through this flow as it’s geared toward specific people and I send them through a post-purchase flow that is developed specifically for them. 


This honestly makes little to no sense to me and I have to assume it was a change on the Shopify side that caused this. 

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Hi @Jessica eCommerce Badassery,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

Your best bet to exclude users from your welcome flow who have gone through the checkout page & accepted marketing, is to use flow filters in your welcome series flow. For example, using “what somebody has done > placed order zero times over all time”. With this filter in place, you will filter out any past purchasers from the welcome flow.

I hope that’s helpful.