Double-checking conditional split

  • 30 November 2022
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In a flow that was triggered by “placed order”

Further down I have a conditional split “Has placed order at least once since starting this flow”

Does that include the order that triggered that flow? 

I want to send the following email depending on wether they have placed ANOTHER purchase since entering this flow.

I’m assuming this conditional split configuration would only include those who have placed yet another order after entering this flow but I’d just like to double-check 





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Hi there @Lucia937 ,

Thanks for sharing with the Community.

The conditional will not count the initial placed order trigger event. I may also advise against having the conditional unless your conditional split is further down in the flow. Just because if it is a trigger followed by an immediate split, no one is going to land down the YES path unless a customer can literally make 2 orders at the same time. 


Kindly note that flow filters conditions are checked at each step of the flow prior to sending an email. Read more: About Flow Triggers and Filters