{{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} doesn't rebuild my cart (Shopify integration)

  • 2 September 2022
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Hi Community! 


I’m having troubles with my abandonment cart flow. Already checked a lot of related responses here in the community, but none helps me get through it. Hope you can help me. 


The thing is that “Recover my cart” button on my emails doesn't rebuild the cart. The body of the email is fine and it shows the products my clients left behind, but when hitting the button it goes directly to the home page. 


I started using the {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} when noticed the problem, and changed it for

{{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} which is currently on my emails, but the problem remains. 

My eCommerce is in Shopify and the trigger of the flow is the Checkout Started event.


One important thing. I’m noticing this error with my own user. After running some test and reviewing my site, I met the conditions to be part of the flow and successfully received the email, but with the issue with the button. Could be a specific problem with my email and not with the flow?


My concern is that this might be happening to actual potential customers, and therefore I’m losing opportunities to recover them. 


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5 replies

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Hi @Lorena Jaqueline ,

When you click on preview and it shows a preview what is the URL that you're seeing for that button? Can you share this here? Normally it should populate to something like 

Do you have Recharge or any subscribtion tool active?

Sometimes when people already ordered it might bring you to the thank you page (not homepage). It's best to test this using the preview button in the Klaviyo editor. In the preview you can preview the 10 last people that had the checkout started.



Omar Lovert
Polaris Growth

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No, I don’t have recharge or any other subscription tool active. 


I did another test with a different email and it recovered the cart successfully, so I’m starting to believe that the problem might be only with my email, but I want to be sure that it’s not happening to actual potential customers. 


I can’t share the link, but it’s similar to what you described:

And that’s all can see in the preview. 

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Hi @Omar 


I have new insights regarding my problem. We did a test with a user that entered the flow for the first time ever and it did recover its cart. 


But, among my team, we’ve been in the flow before and met the conditions to be in it again. And in this case, it’s when the action button doesn’t rebuild our carts, and drive us to the home page instead :c 

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Hi @Lorena Jaqueline did you find any solution to your problem???

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Hi @Lorena Jaqueline did you find any solution to your problem???

Not really, sometimes it works, but others don’t. I’m betting something related to cookies and stuff, but not sure.