Exact meaning of "Last active between dates X and Y"

  • 24 November 2022
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Hi there,

I am running a “Started Checkout”-triggered abandoned cart flow which I want to prepare for a special Sale (like Black Friday).

So my idea was to add a conditional split that asks for the profile’s “last active” property. if the date is within the sale period, the flow goes down path A, otherwise path B.

Now, when I tested it myself today (which was the early hours of Nov. 24th) the conditional split "Last active between dates 24.11.2022 and 26.11.2022" did NOT place me in the “YES” path → only when I changed it to "Last active between dates 23.11.2022 and 26.11.2022".

So my question is: Does “between dates” really mean “NOT INCLUDING the given dates” - or was there just some kind of time zone mix-up??

Please help me understand this. Thx


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Hi there @Stefan for BIOBLO


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


When working with in between dates with metrics, it should be important to note that days start and end at midnight UTC. 


However, I would suggest opting for the split condition: What Someone Has/Hasn’t Done > Started Checkout > at lease once > In between x days. The Started Checkout event reports more accurately as the ‘Last Active’ metric can sometime be muddled by bot openings from inbox providers.


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