Filter A Flow If Subscriber Has Responded

  • 18 November 2020
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Hi Community, 

So, the first email in our abandoned cart flow (sent 2 hrs after the trigger) is a text based email that is short and meant to seem like it came from an employee. 


We actually get quite a few people who respond to the email (the last line tells them to hit reply if they have any questions).  This email format does quite well when we test it against others. 

Thinking about the experience when in the customers shoes, we don’t want to send them the other emails in the flow if they’ve responded to the first email with a question (it would be kind of off, for example, if this was a real-life interaction - it would be like we have amnesia!).


What we do is have our customer service team go in an tag their profile as “responded” and then include in the flow filter to only allow those that haven’t responded or not placed an order since starting the flow (among others)


This is the email from the above:


Curious, does anyone else track subscribers who’ve responded to filter out of flows? How do you do it? Always looking for better ways to improve processes.

5 replies

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Hey, did you find an answer to this? 

This is the only other alternative I could find.


Just found this thread because I also want to do the same. Did either of you find additional alternative answers?

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Hi there @shenkaa @Khobi_W,

Hope I can provide some info regarding this topic!

Unfortunately Klaviyo currently doesn't have any visibility into replies to your emails as this takes place entirely within your customer's inbox, so we don't have any way to filter or split in Flows based on those actions.  You can use the Opened Email or Clicked Email metric, or if you're tracking this in another platform like a CRM or something along those lines (something like ZenDesk or HelpScout, for example), you could potentially integrate that with Klaviyo and filter on the metrics provided by that integration.  

@Mailbox Manny offered a great alternative for adding tags. As he said, you could do this manually by either adding a custom property to the profile (for example a property called Responded, with a value of true), and add a Conditional Split with the following condition:

Properties about someone: Responded is true

With that in place, if someone has that value on their profile they'll go down the Yes path of the split, where you can just have them exit the flow.  For more on profile properties and conditional splits, please see the following articles from our Help Center:

Guide to Properties
How to Add a Conditional Split to a Flow


All the best,


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Hi @alex.hong 


An update from my side as well on this.  We started using Gorgias for our customer service tickets a few months ago and have added that integration in Klaviyo. 


So, now when they respond it will add a “ticket created” activity to the subscriber profile.  We use that as a filter in the abandoned checkout flow (so, filter for people where a ticket hasn’t been created since starting the flow).

It’s working well so far!


@alex.hong @Mailbox Manny thanks for these tips!