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  • 2 February 2024
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Hi can someone please check if my flow set up is correct? I want to resent an email to non-openers after 3 days, afterwards they should just continue the flow. I am not really sure if time delay is correct so they will receive next mail at the right time or if it is extended by the specified time of 3 and 4 days and will take them longer to come back into the flow. 


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Hey @Doris 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Looks like you have this setup mostly correct, the only thing I would suggest is putting in  a time delay before your conditional split. Otherwise your members will get the first email and then immediately go through the split, possibly not giving them time to have opened the first email if they haven’t checked the email. So one idea would be to put a 3 day time delay before the split, then shorten your “YES” path to 4 days, and leave the rest of the “NO” path as is. This will check everyone who received the first email after 3 days to see if they’ve read it. If they have, they will wait 4 more days before receiving the last message in the flow, or if they have not opened the email they will receive the second message and then wait 4 more days before they all receive that last email after a total of 7 days.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Doris!


One thing to add to the helpful feedback you got from @stephen.trumble - you might want to reconsider the re-send of an email that has not been opened. 


First, there will inevitably be gaps in the “has Opened Email 0 times” conditional split you’ve created, and it’s more complicated flow logic to add a fallback to address the gap. Sometimes, depending on how a person opens an email, there will not be an Opened Email event recognized on their profile BUT there will be a Clicked Email event recognized on their profile. 


Second, although it used to be a recommended practice, there’s less benefit now to resending emails to those who did not open the first time. Most of the time, it’s better to just send a new email, and if there’s critical information that people might have missed from the first email, you could repeat it for them as a “P.S.” section of the email. 


When people are skimming email content, the P.S. at the bottom is a surprisingly high-visibility section. That’s what makes it a useful tool for reminding people of information they might have missed.