Help with Abandoned Cart Flow - Excluding Customers Already in the Flow

  • 4 December 2020
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Dear friends,

I created the standard Abandoned Cart Flow like this:

When someone Checkout Started.
Flow Filter: Placed order zero times since starting this flow.

Wait 20 Min
E-Mail 1

Wait 4 hours
E-Mail 2 + with discount code

Wait 22 hours
E-Mail 3


Now I have the problem that a customer opened E-mail 2 and started checkout again with coupon code but didn't complete. Now he will start again with the flow and will get E-Mail-1. And still he will get E-Mail 3, from entering the flow the 1st time. Is there a way I can have a check if this customer was in the flow already in the past 24 hours to prevent this?


Thank you!


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3 replies

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After posting it, I think I found the solution myself :grinning: . I’ve added this Additional Filter to the first E-Mail:

I think this should work. Or is there a better way to do it?


Thank you!

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Hi @bluecat 

The way you’ve found should work, and it’s one way to do it. Here you’re setting the Filter on a Message (Email) level.
For Abandoned Cart we usually filter people on a Flow level, and we recommend putting a larger time frame in the Filter, as shown in the image below.

This filter will not allow subscribers to trigger the Flow if they have been in the Flow in the last 15 days

We recommend using a larger time frame (15, 30 or more days) for two reasons:

  • If someone abandon their cart very often (for example every day), they will receive the same looking Emails every day. After several days, it start to look like spam and it start to lose it’s value. That’s why we want to give them some time to “forget” about these kind of emails and for the email provider algorithms to “refresh” from the same Email.
  • The second reason, especially when you’re offering discount codes in the Abandoned Cart Flow, is to avoid people abusing the Flow. If someone recognizes that every time they abandon their cart in your shop, they will receive a discount code the very next day, they might abuse that and whenever they want to buy something, they will abandon the checkout and wait for the discount code.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks for the quick answer and the valuable tips. Has been very helpful to me!