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I am new and just getting set up.  While working on an email I see that my home address is listed on the bottom of each email.  Ewww!

Can I change this?  I know some providers allow you to use their street address.  Is this true for Klaviyo?


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@Hey Karen - welcome to the community!

Assuming you used the standard variables to pull in the Organization values, you can change the organization address in the Account → Contact Information → Organization Tab shown here:


Just note, this only works if you’re using the variables that pull your organization address.  Obviously, if you hard coded the emails with your home address, you’ll have to change them manually.  

Hope this help!

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Hey @Hey Karen 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Glad to see you’ve already met one of our Community Champions @retention

Just to add to what was already shared. You can also just remove the organization.full_address syntax at the bottom of your templates if you do not want an address shown at all. 

Hope this also helps!

Hi @stephen.trumble so the address is not required by Klaviyo? I thought we absolutely had to have it there. 


Hi! I am looking for a list of the standard syntax because I too would like to remove my address from the emails, BUT I would like to replace it with variable syntax that just shows city and state. I am brand new to Klaviyo, so apologies if this is super simple to find. I am just not able to find it!