How can I choose the new editor in flow emails so I can access my saved content int he new editor?

  • 11 August 2022
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Hi all, 


I’m new to learning Klayvio, and I am currently trying to add some saved sections to my clients flows but the flows are still using the older style editer. Is there a way to do this?? Do we know when the flows are getting the new editer? 





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Hi @CCSkaggsCreative


Thanks or sharing your question with us! 


Yes, that would be because content saved in the new editor cannot be used in the classic editor, and content saved in the classic editor cannot currently be used in the new editor. However, you should be able to access your New editor template, and therefore your saved content, in a flow email by navigating to the ‘My templates’ section when creating a new flow email. If you choose the ‘Basic’ category it will take you to the classic editor. 


Finally, I’d recommend checking out our Klaviyo Academy courses to build on your Klaviyo knowledge!


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Thank you for your response. My problem is I am trying to take a code block from an old template (see first screenshot) and move it into the new template. But it doesn’t show up in my saved universal pieces. I didn’t create this code block so I can’t remake it in the new one. 


Sorry in advance if you already answered this. 




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Hi @CCSkaggsCreative


Sorry for the delay. 


Are you trying to build a dynamic block in the new editor? We have helpful documentation on how to execute this in our Help Center, but you will have to build it from scratch as you can’t bring blocks from the classic editor into the new one.


Have a good day!