How to make an account retrigger flow after being removed.

  • 24 January 2023
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I have a flow that sends data to another system through a webbook. 


There are 2 lists I have that are entered when either a profile is suppressed or not.


However it works the first time when you suppress a profile it will go into the other segment and run through the trigger. But if it gets removed from the list and eventually gets re-added. The profile appears in the segment again, but does not trigger the flow. Is there a way to make it trigger again, even if its been removed and re-added to the segment?


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5 replies

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Hello @Fraser18 ,

Although I agree with what @Jessica eCommerce Badassery is saying here, I would say there is some self limitation that might be occurring. 

Essentially, there wouldn’t be a way to utilize the built in flows + webhooks to accomplish your goal. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to do it via a 3rd party app like Jessica suggested or even by:

  1. Creating your own custom “unsubscribe event” which you would be able to trigger the flow off of. Similar to any metric triggered flow
  2. Utilize our API to export those unsubscribe events directly to your own external tool of your choosing.

For the second point, that’s essentially what Zapier (or any other 3rd party tool) will accomplish. We also call this out in our How to Add a Webhook Action to a Flow guide: “Events that don’t trigger a flow, such as Unsubscribed from List, cannot be used for webhooks.”

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So Klaviyo is not a good platform to use for marketing? I mean I don’t see why flows only trigger once. How are we meant to use any form of integration with this if we can’t two-way sync.


So to confirm, there is NO WAY to sync Klaviyo to an external system every time a user subscribes or subscribes to lists and segments?


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Gotcha. Unsubscribing is not an event you can use to trigger a flow, but it is an event available in Zapier so you could use that to send the webhook instead. 


In theory, if they unsubscribe, when they resubscribe, there should be another subscribe event. but you’d have to test it to be sure. 


And as I mentioned in my first response, segments and list triggered flows do not trigger more than once.

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Thanks @Jessica eCommerce Badassery


If a subscriber opts out i.e. suppresses we need to send an optOut custom fields to another system. If they opt back in (out of suppression) Then this needs to be sent to the external system. However, if they then opt out again, this needs to go to the external system. But currently this doesnt trigger the flow which is a massive problem for us.

To make it concise, the issue we have is when a profile enters a segment for the second time, the trigger is not firing. We need this to fire fore integration purposes.

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@Fraser18  Unfortunately, a user will never activate a segment or list triggered flow more than once. It’s very frustrating, i know! Been hoping for this functionality for a looooonng time. 


Is it possible to trigger this flow off of a metric event? Those will trigger every time. 


If you provide more context around what you’re trying to accomplish we might be able to figure out a workaround.