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  • 9 May 2024
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I would like to send an interactive email to my customers that asks a question with three answer options. However, I don’t want them to leave the email in order to answer the question. 
How can I accomplish this goal? 


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Hi @CTURTLE, welcome to the community!

One possible option, is to use the “Update Custom Profile Property” via a link click method.  You can put the “survey” by the means of various links they can click on in your email template, where each link is a choices that updates the subscriber’s profile property with a value when they click on their selection.  

You can present these links as a series of images, or different buttons, or anywhere you can apply a link you can have it update a profile property.

The Klaviyo documentation explains this pretty well, and uses the example of having a user choose what type of dessert they prefer (“pie” or “cake”) via two button.  When a user clicks one, that data is stored to a field called “dessertsurvey.”

Here’s an image of that example:


You can read more of that here: