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  • 14 March 2023
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Hi all, I’m looking for some advice on how to best set up a post purchase flow without overlap. 

We are looking to build out post purchase instructional emails relating to individual products, that will provide all the learning videos & walkthroughs pertaining to that particular product. However, since we will have at least 20 of these individual emails (to start), I was wondering what would be the best way to build out these flows with minimal overlap?

Each item is unique enough that the guides & walkthroughs don’t overlap, and I will be using the product title to send these specific guides post purchase.

Should I set up a single post purchase flow and have it branch out by item purchased, and have all 20+ emails in the single flow? Or would that be too complicated? Is it better to just create a new flow for each guide / product and turn on smart sending? I don’t want to scare off potential customers by sending too many emails, and want them to get the most relevant email for post purchase… but also want to try and keep the flow set up as clean as possible. 


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Hi @tanyal ,

Welcome to the Community!

In regards to a post-purchase flow, I think one optimal method would be to combine all of the post purchase Flows and use Trigger Splits to separate out the different items. You can then use a Flow Filters like > Has not been int this Flow for the last X days to make sure they don't get several emails in one week even if they buy a different item. 

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@tanyal My favorite way to do this is by using dynamic content to show/hide content based on the data you have about the purchase. For instance, you can have a section for each of the products you want to provide info about, and the user will only see content for the specific products they purchased. If they purchase 3 products that have post-purchase content, they’ll see all 3 in one email. 


This works best if you are linking them somewhere vs. trying to put all the content in the email so it doesn’t get too big and end up being clipped in gmail. Ex. to a landing page on your site. 


Then you don’t have to create multiple splits in your flow. 


You can learn more about how to do this with this documentation


Thank you @alex.hong and @Jessica eCommerce Badassery for your help, I appreciate the feedback and the extra discussion links!

It looks like I will be setting up my flow with trigger splits to sort through each product by SKU. I’ll have to learn more about dynamic content and how best to do that when the data isn’t on a feed, I will keep it in mind for my future email flows.

When creating the new flow I noticed I could use order fulfilled as the trigger instead of order placed - we have both in store / point of sale purchases and online purchases, so this allows us to send the email a bit closer to the ship out date for our online customers - but still before our in store customers take their item home :)


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@tanyal sounds like a good plan. I use the fulfilled order trigger and a delay based on the standard shipping timeframe + 2 days. Have you integrated your POS so you can use a different metric for in-store customers?