Klaviyo abandoned cart adding all prices together when more than 1 item

  • 11 July 2024
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Hi as a complete klaviyo beginner yesterday we were having an issue with the prices being sent out on emails as less GST. We managed to get this fixed, but i have know discovered that abandoned cart emails with more than one item in it is displaying the added together total for both items.

The glove should be $19.99 and the Kit should be $95 -help

I have tried to look through all the discussions and help sections but need this spelt out in very basic terms🙄



1 reply

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I may be wrong, but without looking into it directly I can only assume. And the assumption is that for price you are using
{{ event|lookup:'$value'|default:'' }}
instead of using 
{{ event.extra.line_items.0.price|default:'' }}
(or if you are iterating the block you should use {{ item.price|default:'' }}