Medical Supply Ecommerce Sites- Measuring Email Conversion


Hello! I am Not new to email marketing, but I am new to the medical supply industry and I am wondering what some of the average email KPI results look for these kinds of businesses. Both of the websites I work on sell single use, disposable medical products. Target audiences are clinicians and medical facilities. I don’t have a lot of historical data on past email campaigns, but I have sent out several campaigns so far and I am seeing zero conversions attributed to the emails. Majority of our revenue comes from organic search. I come from consumer retail industries such as pet supplies and consumer electronics. I am used to seeing emails convert to revenue almost automatically but that is not the case for the emails I have sent out so far. Open rates average about 20%, click rates from opened emails average about 30%. But then no conversions. Anyone on this forum work in the healthcare/medical supplies industry and have any thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

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