"Placed Order" > Items - Determining quantity of each per order??

  • 17 August 2022
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Hi folks, would appreciate some insight…

What I’m trying to do:

Build a flow that is in response to a product type being ordered. There are 4 types (unique SKUs) within this category, and I have a separate flow that tags profiles with the types they ordered (“Ordered ____” “Yes”).

I’m trying to use show/hide conditions, and different variants of the email copy for people who have ordered ONLY 1 of these items compared to people who have ordered more than 1.

I’ve used a trigger split with “Item count” equals 1, however I’ve seen a profile who ordered 4 of these items go down the “equals 1” path as well. I’ve seen some other posts where item count has been of some confusion, so I’d appreciate some insight into how this works with BigCommerce, and if it does in fact do what it sounds like it should do, or not...

For reference:




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6 replies

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Hi @wernstrom,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

The first thing to clarify is that "item count" doesn't refer to quantity of a single item, but rather the actual number of discrete items in the cart. For example, if you have 4 of item X in your cart, that would be item count = 1. If you have 5 of item X and 5 of item Y that would be item count = 2. In other words, quantity doesn’t come into play when defining item count. This is the reason why someone can order 4x of a single item and still have item count = 1. 

In terms of achieving your goal, you’ll want to use Ordered Product (for BigCommerce) as a trigger filter in your flow because this contains an option to select Quantity which speaks to the number of a given item. Going back to the first example, if you have 4 of item X in your cart, item count = 1 but quantity = 4. Just keep in mind the “Ordered Product” event is triggered for each item in the user’s order. 

I hope that’s helpful.

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Hi @Dov , thanks - that’s exactly how I thought “item count” worked. The wording in my original post should have been a bit clearer. I’ve noticed a profile in the flow (which is currently triggered off “placed order”, but thanks for your suggestion about the options available via “ordered product”) who has ordered 4 different items in a category - and they have gone down the “Yes” path of the first trigger split below, which is where it starts to go wrong. Am I missing something in the configuration?


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Hi @wernstrom,

Thanks for your follow-up reply.

Based on what I’m gathering from your screenshot, it appears all users in the first trigger split are still in “waiting”. They’ll sit in this status in the trigger split until the time-delay preceding the trigger split has completed. Once the 18 days are up, that user should be sorted down the “no” path. Alternatively, you may be referring to seeing them as “yes” in the conditional split (re: a random sample) but not in the first trigger split? If that is the case, what likely happened is they joined the flow before you added in the trigger split. In other words, the trigger split was added later. Given that you have more users processed through the conditional split  (re: a random sample) than the initial trigger split (re: item count), it looks like the trigger split may have been added later.

If you want to test things out in a controlled environment, you can clone the flow, remove the 18-day time delay, change the flow email status to manual (so you’ll have to manually dispatch the email) and place a test order yourself. You can also play around using “Ordered Product” and “Quantity” with the cloned version of the flow, just ensure you’re using manual mode for the flow email status to avoid inadvertently sending duplicate emails to your actual customers.

I hope that provides some helpful insight.

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Hi @Dov , thanks for your response. What I’ve actually seen is a few profiles who have passed through the conditional split (therefore making it through the trigger split of 1 item) who actually purchased more than one item - essentially receiving the wrong email.

I can’t post the URLs here so maybe I will submit a ticket. Thanks!

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Hey @Dov 

Is there a way to do this when the trigger is checkout started rather than placed order? I’d like a way to conditionally split abandoned carts (for Shopify) with quantity as the condition. I am running into the same issue described here but can’t find  a way to specify by quantity for checkout started.



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Hi @BluefinTuna,

Thanks for your message.

I’m afraid Quantity isn’t available for Shopify’s Checkout Started metric.

One alternative solution is to create a custom Checkout Started metric using the Track API and include Quantity in the payload. 

You may also find value (no pun intended) in creating a trigger split based on the value of the customer's checkout. You can do this using the following definition. "$value is greater than X"

I hope that’s helpful.