Products in Product Block all display price as $0

  • 20 June 2022
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When using a Product Block (in a flow or campaign email) and selecting the product price option, it shows all the products as $0.

I’m using Magento 2.

See example here:

Product Block prices appear as $0


Here is my data feed if that helps at all:

Data feed



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4 replies

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Hey @AndrewK,

That’s an odd behavior! I think it would help others understand your situation more if you were able to share more details about how you built the block such as what settings you used, etc. 

In my experience though, this is typically caused by a disconnect either between Klaviyo and your ecommerce integration and/or if there is something going on with your product catalog/product feed. I would suggest checking up on your integration and making sure it’s syncing accurately to Klaviyo. 

Additionally, if you’ve recently made any changes to the product feed linked to this product block, its typically best practice to delete the product block and drag in a new one. This is so that the product block can "refresh” with the new changes made to the product feed. Product blocks will often times cache products so without a refresh of the block, it may still contain outdated data pertaining to the product feed causing a disconnect.

I hope this helps!


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Hey @David To,

Thanks for your response!

I’ve had this issue since day the beginning with Klaviyo and have had that connection refreshed a few times.


After looking into it again, I believe that it could be a result of the our setup in Magento 2.

It looks like the prices for the Simple products poll correctly, however they dont poll from the Configurable products.


Example here:

The item on the left is a simple product, meaning there’s one variation (one colour, one size).

The item on the right is a configurable product, meaning there’s multiple sizes and colours.

Simple product vs Configurable product


Would there be any way to have the price poll from the simple product?

I don’t see any other way to alter the data feed setting unless maybe it’s a custom feed?


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @AndrewK,

Great call out! That actually does explain this behavior!

A limitation Klaviyo has with the Magento 2 integration is the inability to fully handle configurable products. Klaviyo only syncs and stores the parent product in the catalog; paired with the fact that Magento 2 does not utilize price for the parent configurable product by design leads to this behavior. 

A common workaround to this, as you’ve astutely highlighted, is the use of a custom feed where each variant of the configurable product can be assigned its own sku and ID. You can find our guide on how to set up a custom catalog feed from our Sync a custom catalog feed to Klaviyo Developer Guide.



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Thanks @David To!


That’s unfortunate! Makes things just that bit more difficult…


I’ll have a look at creating a custom feed and hopefully is easy enough and a workable solution.


Thanks for you help.