Sending shopify prelaunch email newsletter subscribers through Klaviyo welcome series

  • 30 March 2021
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I have a “coming soon” password protected page on my Shopify storefront and have an email subscriber opt-in for the past year that has collected over a hundred emails. They went to my Shopify account email. I am now ready to send them a newsletter through Klaviyo so I imported the list from Shopify, created the welcome series email and set it to live. But the welcome series is not sending to the imported Newsletter list. I tried to trigger a flow by setting a filter to send the flow to anyone added to the list in the past 30 days. Still nothing. I manually added my email to the newsletter list and I immediately got the first email of the welcome series. So I know it is only sending to those who were added to the list after the welcome series flow was created and set to live.

Please let me know how I trigger the welcome series flow to my existing list. Should I create a new list and import these accounts over again to trigger a flow?




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Hi @Scgluwa! Very exciting that you’re almost ready to launch! 


Welcome Flows only send to people who are added to your list after the flow was set live, not to past subscribers. To contact those on your list, you can use one of these methods: 

  • Send a campaign to your list, instead of a flow. 
  • Back-populate your flow, using the second option, “Schedule for each step relative to when I click the back-populate button.” This will put everyone who is currently on your list into the welcome flow at the very beginning. 

I hope this helps! Good luck on the welcome send :) 

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Thank you so much! That worked!