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  • 20 December 2021
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Hi All,


We use Klaviyo on a multilingual Shopify Plus (English and French)
Language is set by a custom property "language".
For forms, the custom property is set to the language of the form.
However, I block for the checkout. I had the idea to make a flow that would define the custom property according to the country of the user: if the user is in France then language=FR, otherwise EN.
What do you think about it ? How to make this Flow ?
Trigger "When someone Checkout Started
Conditional split "Someone's proximity to a location" -> Country ... but I can't define a specific country…


Thanks !


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Hi there @mdh,

Thanks for posting your question to the Community and I hope to offer some info regarding your ideas.

I believe one way you could separate your customers based on language preference would be to take advantage of our segmentation option. You could create a Location Based Segment to look for people who are in France or not, and then have different flows for each segment based on location. That way, you can have different emails going out to two different segments with different languages.

Our article, How to Customize Content Based on Language goes over other ways to manage multiple languages within Klaviyo. 

I think it would be easier to have different flows already set for different segments However, if you wanted to do this within one flow, you can use the filter ‘Properties about someone > Country > doesn’t contain > France. 

I also recommend checking out our helpful Academy course “Running a Multinational Business” as it provides great insight for Community members such as yourself!

Let me know if this helped!

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Thanks a lot @alex.hong !

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No problem @mdh! Glad I could help. Have a good day :)