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  • 26 January 2023
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I set up a ‘placed order’ flow so we could send out better looking order confirmations than the default ones using Magento 2. It;s fully working apart from the time it takes for someone to receive their order confirmation - about 90 minutes! This is not great as people generally want instant or 2 minute order confirmation emails. Is there any way to speed up the flow? There are no time delays, it took about half hour for the order to be received in Klaviyo and then another hour before it entered the flow.


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Hi @lisaspencer,

That's a long time before it's getting sent out. How are you triggering the flow? Based on the event or based on a segment? Segments have up to 1h update time.

Also do you have any delays configured in your flow?

Lastly how are you pushing placed order events to Klaviyo?

Using the default integration setup? If so it should be syncing every 30 minutes. If by any chance you've built a custom integration you should be able to have this near realtime.

Following this topic on the same subject having faster (than 30min) sync time has been requested. @stephen.trumble answered this but it's not clear what the current status is.

But this does still not explain 90min delays.


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