Unable to match bought categories in history with product recommender

  • 29 March 2023
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we have succesfully conected our WooCommerce shop and it now loads all the available products. Problem is when we create this flow: “Customer Winback - A/B Test Time Delay”, it simply does not read from what customer buys to then recommend him something from our WooCommerce. We have the data on both sides and i think the categories are matching, but when i look at the previews examples it does not take what some one has bought in history to the recommender. 

Can someone help? :)



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1 reply

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An alternative solution would be:

  1. Create a segment in Klaviyo that includes customers who have made a purchase from your WooCommerce store.
  2. Use the segment as the starting point for your flow.
  3. Add a trigger that checks for the customer's purchase history.
  4. Set up a delay in the flow to give the customer time to use the product before sending a recommendation email.
  5. Add a filter to the flow that only recommends products that are related to the customer's previous purchase.
  6. Test and preview the flow to make sure it is working correctly.