Using calendar date as a condition or trigger

  • 9 December 2022
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Is it possible to start a flow on a specific date (i.e. March 15) or use an email’s send date as a condition inside a flow? Like “Is Send Date March thru August? Yes, send t-shirt email. No, send outerwear email”. Our business is greenhouse, ag, landscapers and such, so it has a lot of seasonal needs outside of holidays. 


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3 replies

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It may be possible to set this by adding another date property to all profiles eg date2 and setting that as March15 and the using that as a trigger point for the flow?


There are some tips on using date flows here though more to do with birthday or date added to list etc.


A little klugy, but might work as a trigger. Thanks

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@Jeff B would sending it out as a scheduled campaign work instead? or specific use case within a flow?