What is the correct Trigger set up for the ADD TO CART metric on Flows?

  • 28 March 2021
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I have set up the correct coding for my add to cart metric but i’m not sure I have the flow set up correctly for people to go into it. I do also have a viewed product/browse abandonment & cart abandonment flow set up and these are running correctly, people are being put into these flows. So obviously I dont want the viewed product & add to cart to clash, but no one seems to be going into the add to cart flow, even though google analtyics says I’ve had add to carts.

Would really appriceate some screenshots of other peoples flows to see how they should be set up or any suggestions or advice. 

Thanks in advance.


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Hi @demijade10,


I would recommend adding some filters to your browse abandonment flow (triggered by the viewed product event) and your added to cart flow (triggered by the custom added to cart event) to prevent users from receiving the wrong messaging. I’ve outlined some flow filter recommendations below:

  • Browse Abandonment Flow - Make sure you have a time delay between the trigger and the first email in this flow and add a flow filter of “Added to Cart zero times since starting this flow” AND “Checkout Started  zero times since starting this flow” AND “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow.” This will prevent the browse abandonment flow from triggering if an added to cart event, Checkout Started event, or Placed Order event has happened following the viewed product activity.
  • Added to Cart flow- Make sure you have a time delay between the trigger and the first email in this flow and add the flow filter of “Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow” AND “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow.” This will ensure that if the user proceeds to abandon checkout (in which case the abandoned cart flow would take over) or if the user has placed an order that they will no longer receive this added to cart messaging.

In order to test the logic of this new added to cart flow, you have the option to turn the flow emails to manual mode as a way to validate the flow logic without anyone actually getting the message sent to them. Here’s our help center article on manual mode.


I hope this helps!


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Hey Julie. 

Thanks so much for the reply. This makes sense. This is how the filters look on my browse abandonment flow now… does this look okay? I had everything you mentioned in apart from ‘Checkout Started zero times since starting this flow’. This flow seemed to doing fine and having people adding to it. 

The add to cart flow still hasn’t anyone in it yet. I have added all the filters you mention.

Could you please clarify the main differences between the added to cart trigger, abandoned cart trigger & browse abandonment? Maybe this will help me to get my head around why there is noone in the add to cart flow yet. 



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It would better If you make it like this. Make sure that you set up the webtracking code back-end of shopify store for Browse Abandoned.

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Hi @forman 


The main differences/triggers for these flows are as follows:

Abandoned Cart - Triggered off of Started Checkout. Users will need to get through check out to the point of entering their email but not completing the transaction in order to trigger the Started Check Out event. This can differ per store set up and ecommerce integration.

Browse Abandonment  - This flow is triggered off of Viewed Product events. A user would have to be cookied already for us to see their browsing activity.

Added to Cart - This flow is triggered off of the Added to Cart metric. This is a custom metric that is triggered when a cookied user adds an item to their cart and doesn’t necessarily start check out.


Based on your screenshots I think these filters look good! Might I also suggest looking in to Smart Sending to prevent people from receiving too many emails in a short period of time?


I hope this helps!






but what if the costumer ads into cart 1 item, then later a second one. Will he recive same emails, with diferent items?


Thank you