Why Are Some Profiles In My Segment Not Entering My Flow?

  • 24 November 2020
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I set up a new segment based on the purchase of a promotional product.  Clients are being added to the segment without any issues (143 to date).  I then set up a flow where to trigger was someone entering this group.  The flow was only made live about 5 days after the segment was set up and activated on 6th November.

So far only 20 people have been through the flow but based on the 9 day delay I set up in the flow 69 clients should have received their first email. 

Could it be that because I didn’t set up the flow after activating the segment some people have missed entering the flow?  And if this is the case how do I manually enter them?



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2 replies

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Hi Sean,

Yeah, this is to be expected actually. When you set up a segment triggered flow, it will not automatically push everybody who currently exists in the segment through the flow. Instead, only net new people who enter the segment will go through the flow. 

In order to get folks who exist in the segment to enter your flow, you’ll want to back-populate your flow. This way, you can have people enter the flow as if it was live before it actually was. 

I hope that helps!

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Thanks Mike,

Really appreciate your help.  Back populate has been implemented.