Why large no. of emails are getting skipped in abandoned cart flow?

  • 24 March 2023
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The smart sending is turned off and no other filters are turned on.

What could be the reason for such a high volume of emails getting skipped (high volume compared to the no. of delivers)



Best answer by Ashley I. 24 March 2023, 13:15

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2 replies

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Thanks a lot, Ashley. Now, I understand the stuff better 

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Hi @nambirajanks ,

Thank you for the great question about Skipped Profiles in flows!

Abandoned cart flows typically have a high number of skips due to people failing a flow filter. In the standard abandoned cart setup, the trigger is Started Checkout and there's a flow filter for Placed Order zero times since starting this flow. This means that everyone who starts to check out is added to the flow. If they finish placing the order, the filter removes them from the flow.

Having a high number of skips due to failing the flow filter is actually a good thing. It means the flow is functioning correctly and is not sending abandoned cart messages to people who placed an order.

Outside of the flow filers, there are a variety of other reasons why some profiles might be skipped in a flow. To investigate your specific case, click on the message which a high volume of Skipped Profiles, and select View Analytics from the side menu. 

On the next page, select the Recipient Activity tab, and from here you can see a breakdown of Skipped Profiles and the various reasons why:

Further details on each type of Skipped Profile reason is available in this Help Center article: Understanding the skipped reason for a flow message


Hope this helps!

-- Ashley Ismailovski