Abandon Cart Link in SMS Flow

  • 8 June 2022
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I’m working on adding an SMS branch to our abandon cart flow and I am not seeing where to add the link to return them to their cart from the text…. will this auto populate? When I send a preview text to myself there is no link but not sure if that’s because I don’t have a cart to preview?


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Hi there @AK7,

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Abandoned Cart SMS messages are a little different from emails.

Adding a link to your SMS Flow would be setup within the flow itself. You can populate a dynamic cart link in your SMS abandonment flow the same way you would for email. For a Shopify integration, the tag {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} should populate the dynamic link for a flow triggered by the Checkout Started event. When using a link shortener, this dynamic link will be shortened in the final send.

In an email, you can reflect every item the customer abandoned at checkout. In an SMS message, you can only show one dynamic image. So, you can add in the image of the first item in the event data by replacing the dynamic image placeholder you have with this dynamic event variable here: {{ event.Items.0.FirstImageURL }}

Note, I found this dynamic event variable in the event data showing in the right-hand panel (preview event info).

Once added, we can see an image of one of the products the customer abandoned:
Learn more here:
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What about for Big Commerce? Where do we pull the tag that will populate the dynamic link?

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Your team would likely also need to use BigCommerce's API to dynamically generate the link you would be passing in the custom Started Checkout event:
Kindly note that Klaviyo does not currently offer services to help build out custom code, nor do we provide support for custom code troubleshooting. However, as mentioned in the community post, we do have a partner program where you may be able to find some assistance:
There is also the app by ArticLeaf mentioned in the post which adds cart rebuilding functionality: