Abandoned Cart Flow with Variant Text Trigger

  • 9 January 2022
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We have two variants available for selection on products for example, the client can add

Product: Baby Gift Hamper

Variant One: Tree Type

Variant Two: Soft Toy Type.


I want to be able to trigger an abandoned cart flow when specific clients add our most popular soft toy with this hamper ie: Baby Gift Hamper with Variant “Peanut the Elephant” (it doesn’t matter which tree they select so the first variant doesn’t come into the trigger). 

However nothing I change gets the preview trigger to work.    I have tried putting “  “ around Peanut the Elephant.  I have tried “Elephant” on its own.  I just am unsure how to proceed and would be grateful for any advice.

Current Setup of flow - We have normal abandoned cart emails set up and working, and I’ve been through Klaviyo help folders on Variants but that doesn’t seem to work. 

I’ve even checked out of the store and purchase the item physically to try and get it to populate on the list as a separate variant entry to grab it - it simply won’t show up there even though the checkout was completed.

Appreciate it if someone could find a moment to tell me what I’m doing wrong here.



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Hi @Lyn.T.,

Thank you for sharing this question with the community.

  1. It looks like you are using a different data type for “Peanut the Elephant”. I recommend trying changing that to “List” data using “contains”, like you have for the “Baby Gift Hamper” and then preview the trigger setup. 
  2. If that does not work, you should try using the full name variant name in the input, rather than a part of the name. If you have multiple variants of this item type you’d like to include, you can separate each by using “OR” to include that variant type in the trigger filter.
  3. Also, even though you already started a checkout with the item in it, it will not always appear in the dropdown (we have a limit on the number of items we’ll display in the dropdown if you have a lot of variants) therefore you should not be alarmed, just make sure that the syntax is correct, you may want to simply copy and paste the variant name into the flow

I hope that helps :)


Many thanks for your time, will go try that :)