Abandoned Cart Flows for Customers Using a Different Email From Their Profile

  • 6 August 2021
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There is a big problem with Klaviyo abandoned cart flow. If a customer is using a different email than on their Klaviyo’s profile to checkout, they will continue receiving the abandoned cart emails even if they made a purchase. Meaning that they will see a discount very soon after they made a purchase without being able to act on it. Nobody likes to buy something and then see they could have got it for less. 

It’s very common to use a different email address and people usually have more than one.

What can be done? Apart from identifying customers by email only, the IP and postcode should be also used to try to avoid a duplicated profiles. If someone is about to get an abandoned cart email and there is a suspected duplicated profile, this email should be paused until you manually decide if this is a duplicated profile or not.

It will be good to hear if you have the same issue as well.


4 replies

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Hi there @CF-TEAM ,


First, thank you for your post to the Community and for detailing your experience and issues. It really helps us at Klaviyo + others of the Community learn more from each other!


Unfortunately, if someone checks out with one email and places an order with another email, there is no way for Klaviyo to detect this. Luckily this isn't the case for most people because if someone Places an order, they would most likely want to order using the correct email. What you can do for those customers that are using a different email is to merge them: Delete, Merge, and Export a Profile


With Abandoned Cart Flows, it’s best practice to send your email before your customer orders the product they “abandoned”. Sometimes though, things don’t work quite the way they should and customers might receive an abandoned cart email after ordering. Let’s take a look at some possible reasons, and how to address them.
There are four reasons that your customers may still receive an Abandoned Cart email after placing an order.

  1. Your time delay between a customer starting a checkout and the first email of the flow is not long enough.
    We recommend waiting approximately 4 hours before sending the first abandoned cart email. Whatever you choose for your flow, you'll want to make sure it's enough time for the integration to sync. For more information, head to our article on How Often Integrations Sync
  2. Your customer triggered multiple checkout started events but only placed one order.
    Each time your customer triggers a checkout started event, they enter your flow. 
  3. Your events are coming in out of order.
    Check into the customer profile: is there a started checkout event after the placed order and ordered product events for that item? If so, comment below to receive further instructions.
  4. The customer placed order event is not present in their profile.
    If you look into the customer profile in Klaviyo and do not see a placed order event listed, but the customer states they placed an order, please reach out to your ecommerce support team to resolve this issue.
  5. The Flow Filter uses OR instead of AND
    A standard abandoned cart flow will have a flow filter “Placed order 0 times since starting this flow,” which prevents customers who purchase from receiving the email. You can add additional filters to make your abandoned cart flow more targeted and specific, but they must use and AND connector. Here’s why:
    • OR connectors are inclusive: someone needs to meet just one to be included. AND connectors are   exclusive: someone needs to meet all conditions to be included.
    • For example, say I want to send my abandoned cart to only recipients who have not completed their order and are located in Germany. That means I want to exclude anyone who does not fit both conditions and I should use an AND connector.
      • If I used an OR connector, people who did not complete their purchase but live in the US could receive my message, as could people in Germany who did complete their purchase—which isn’t what I intended!
    • Confused? Here’s an article to help you decide when to use AND vs. OR


Hope this helped and thanks again for being a part of our Community!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m sorry but I have to disagree with

“Luckily this isn't the case for most people because if someone Places an order, they would most likely want to order using the correct email.”


People have more than one email and especially when they purchase, they don’t always use the same email. This happens a lot and is risking the integrity of the abandoned cart flow emails.


Merging profiles manually is not a viable solution when dealing with a large email list.

What we need is a tool that automatically detects duplicated profiles by checking their IP, postcode or any other parameter than can help to determine it’s the same person.


I think that all the examples you listed below are not exactly related to my original post and I would like to focus on the duplicated profile issue only.


The point is that there is a big issue that many Klaviyo users are not aware of because when it happens, customers don’t always tell you that they got a discount code after they have already purchased. 


I think it will be helpful to recognise that this is a real problem and develop a feature to help us deal with the duplicated profiles. There must be a solution and it will make Klaviyo a better product!

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Apologies for the first response and not providing all the answers you wanted to hear.


We appreciate the feedback you have provided and are thankful to have Community members like yourself that provide insight and new perspectives to us. Currently, the unique parameter Klaviyo utilizes to track customer data is the email that customers sign up with. The email used on signup is the way we define and track users entering a customer’s site and database. However, we definitely see the use cases for not manually merging profiles and also tracking for things such as IP or postcode. 


If and when we do have a program that allows for us to track users with information besides email, we will circle back and let you know. 


Have a good day!



I definitely agree with @CF-TEAM. This is a major issue, people switch between emails a lot. 

A few cases i noticed in the very short time period, that we have had it active:

  • Changing from a company email to personal
  • Changing from husband to “possibly” a wife account or someone else in the household
  • Misspelling the email address, which happens quite often

It would separate klaviyo from the competition to offer some type of IP tracking or cookie utilization. For example if any order is placed under a certain “cookie” or “ip”, that the abandoned cart flow of every related profile is skipped.