Abandonment Cart Series

  • 20 November 2020
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Hello Klaviyo Community!

Would someone double check and make sure I have this flow configured correctly? Basically the customer is to hop out the flow if he or she makes an action (purchase). 




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Hello, happy to help!

I can’t tell from the screenshot what you have set up as the flow filter. However, if this is generated from the Klaviyo flows library, it’s likely that the flow filter is “Placed Order zero times since starting this flow”. This is the filter you’d need so that once someone has triggered the abandoned cart flow, if they place an order at any point while in the flow, they will be skipped. 

The Trigger split with the condition “$value is at least 1” refers to the dollar value of the cart. 

Here is a guide to creating an Abandoned Cart Flow as well:

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Hello @S.Keles ,

Understood. My flow is set up as a cart abandonment series flow. I have the trigger split set up wrong, and I will make the change to “Placed order zero times”.  I think it works with one email to convert the customer. But how can I configure it so that if the customer doesn’t act upon the first email flow, he still stays on the flow until he makes a purchase? 


I want to give the customer an opportunity to come back and complete their purchase if all they need is that gentle reminder, only after a day or so my flow gets promotion few emails say 24 hours after abandonment. 

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I think for what you want you can get rid of the Condition Split.  If your Flow Filter is set up in the same way S.Keles mentioned, the subscriber will stay in the flow until they purchase (or reach the end of the flow). 


With your current set up on the Condition Split, you’re excluding ALL past customers from getting further than the 1st abandoned cart email.

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Also another thing, think about how many times someone can enter this flow in a specific time frame.

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Hey Omar, thanks for bringing it up. I thought about that too. Ideally it would be best if a customer enters this flow once in their life cycle. I applied the advice of S.Keles and Manny, thank you :) . To configure what I want, I need to add an an additional characteristic of the profile of the customer of flow specifically  “skip any customer who has been in this flow”.



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Depends on the client and if there are discounts I have a has not been in this flow in the last x days or hours… especially with Woocommerce I've seen people receive multiple abandoned cart emails in a short period of time i.e 3-4 hours.

I tend to have a conditional split in there if they've had a discount code (received that email with code) in the last 30 - 60 days to have a no discount email in that case in order to prevent behavior forming. 

Ideally you don't want to skip them I think, abandoned cart is driven by their own activity and is also a high converting email so makes sense that people can re-enter depending on their own actions.