Add New Emails for Users Who Already Completed the Flow

  • 9 June 2021
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I'm creating a flow with about 5 emails. I would like to create the first email (with variations), and see how it performs before writing the rest of the emails. If my users have already completed the flow which only has 1 email, what will be the effect if I:

  • Add a second flow email: Will they all jump into the queue automatically, or will they not receive the email at all since it didn't exist when they completed the flow?
  • Add a time delay and second flow email: Will the users enter the time delay based on the moment the time delay is added, or will it be based on the time since they finished the flow? Or will they skip it entirely before the time delay and second email didn't exist when they finished the flow.

Thank you!


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Hello @geneellis,

Great questions!

If you were adding a second email to this flow, contacts who have already completed the flow when there was only one email would not be automatically queued up to receive this new subsequent email. To counteract this though, Klaviyo does offer the back-populate feature to retroactively add qualified recipients into a flow; such as those that have completed the flow. 

Similarly, when adding a time delay and a second email, when using the back-populate function, this would queue and add users relevant to when they were queued for the flow from the beginning. 

I would recommend taking a look at the following help articles Klaviyo offers on understanding how contacts move through a flow which would address the experience you are curious about and how Klaviyo’s back-populate feature works:

Hope this helps!



Amazing! Thank you!