Added To Cart not appearing in flow filter

  • 9 December 2020
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I’m creating a flow which requires the ‘added to cart’ flow filter but it isn’t appearing as an option.

I’ve gone through the instructions for ‘Creating a Custom "Added to Cart" Event for Shopify’ but the added to cart trigger and/or flow filter is still not appearing.  




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Are you trying to create an abandoned cart flow? If so, you can start with the pre-built flow template within Klaviyo. 



If not, send a screenshot of what you are referring to for more context.


Hey @Manny Singh 


Yes thats one of the flows I’m trying to create. They all require the “Added to Cart” event though. I’ve gone through the instructions from this article ( with no luck. 


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Hi @alex ,

Thank you for providing the screenshot.

The “Added to Cart” code snippet differs based on how your Shopify Theme addresses the “Added to Cart” button.

You can check your Added to Cart button for an ID by following the instructions here.

If you don’t see an ID and have an “Added to Cart” button with class notation, you can follow the instructions here, and you should see the event come through. 




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@alex - A few tips based on what @nikitavaidya mentioned to help when I’m debugging this particular event:

  • Make sure that you are seeing the custom “Added to Cart” events.  Go to your Analytics → Metrics and you should see your “Added to Cart” as an option.  If not, that means you haven’t sent any Added to Cart event to Klaviyo yet.  That also means, it won’t show up as an option in Flow Triggers or Segmentation Rules.
  • If you are testing this on a Template that’s not Live, make sure you’ve “Added to Cart” on that Preview version and not accidentally doing it on the Live website. (I’ve made this mistake so many times when looking at the wrong version of the Shopify template).
  • Remember, the custom “Added to Cart” event requires a user that’s been “identified.”  If you think about, Klaviyo can’t send email to people they don’t have an email for.  So you can simulate this in your testing process by subscribing to a Klaviyo Signup Form and then proceed to add something to your cart.
  • Check to make sure other Custom Events are working.  The best way to verify is the “Viewed Product” as those are done in a similar way.  If you don’t see any other Custom Events, you may want to check your integration between Klaviyo and Shopify.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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You are pulling from the wrong metric.


I think klaviyo should change the name from Abandoned Cart to Abandoned Checkout


Abandoned Checkout is triggered from Checkout Started (reaching second page of checkout)


Abandoned Cart is triggered from clicking the Add to Cart button (assuming you’ve setup the custom code” and already having a cookied profile for that user in your Klaviyo