Back-populating Flows When Adding New Action

  • 18 March 2021
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We added a (a) timing [90 days] and (b) action [email] to the end of a flow. I have a question regarding back-populating those who were in the flow but have by now exited (because these new steps weren't there originally).

I see from the how-to that this should be possible: 


You do not need to back-populate if you add a new message to the end of a flow (or a single path) and want those currently moving down that path to receive that message. You would only need to back-populate to send to those who have either exited the flow or continued past the point of the new message. 


This is exactly what we need to do.

But, when I go to the how-to on back-populating for list-triggered flows, from the two options it's not clear which accomplish the above in bold:


The first option is similar to back-populating metric-triggered flows; it schedules recipients for the step they would be at if the flow was live when they joined your list or segment. If your welcome flow lasts for 10 days, someone who joined two days ago will be scheduled at the two-day mark while someone who joined eight days ago will be scheduled at the eight-day mark. If they fall outside the flow’s timeline (e.g., they joined 20 days ago), they will not be added to the flow.

The second option, scheduling relative to when you click back-populate, will treat recipients as if they just joined the list or segment, so they will start from the very beginning of the flow. They will then travel through the flow just like any other recipient.


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you!


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Hi @jfcatalan ! Great question. Which option to choose depends on who you want to receive this last message in the flow. 

If you want those who have exited the flow in the last 90 days to receive the message, choose option 1 (“relative to when they joined the list/segment”). This will add people into the flow based on when they joined, and they will receive the final message at the same time they would have if it had been there all along. 

If you want everyone in your list to receive the message, choose option 2 (“relative to when you click the back-populate button”). This will put everyone who has exited at the beginning of the flow again. They will skip any messages they’ve already received (since it’s a list-triggered flow), wait through all the time delays, and then receive the new message after that. 

I hope this helps clarify! Feel free to follow up if you have any other questions. 

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Thank you! That answer is perfect.

Would it be possible to segment those who have gone through the flow to separate those who are past 90 days so I can send them the email in a separate one-off?

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Great question! You could try a segment condition like this: 
What someone has done > Received Email > where Subject Line = (last message’s subject line) > before DATE (choose date that is 91 days ago)


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Thank you for your help!