Can I Set Up SMS Consent at the Checkout Stage?

  • 16 December 2020
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Hi so i set up SMS marketing through klaviyo last week using a sign up form when customers arrive on my page, which hasn't been that effective. I was wondering is there a way to add a tick box at the checkout stage where customers can choose to consent for SMS messages so i can use them in my abandon cart flow? I currently using shopify and just want a tick box then links back to klaviyo. 


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13 replies

We’re facing the same exact situation as you @fortis! Hopefully the community can give some direction on this.

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Hi @fortis and @pixelsupply

Thanks so much for being a part of the Klaviyo Community and for chiming in on SMS Consent at Checkout. 

The Klaviyo team has been developing a solution for Shopify merchants to collect SMS consent during checkout with the “accepts marketing” checkbox. However, due to some recent developments in the telecom industry, Klaviyo will be delaying the release of this solution. These developments affect all messaging platforms, including Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo is actively monitoring the situation and working with our partners to find a resolution or a better solution for our Shopify non-Plus customers. We are also investigating ways to help Shopify Plus merchants collect SMS consent at checkout with a more customizable solution. 

I know you mentioned that you’re already using the signup forms to collect SMS, but another option to test effectiveness could be to include SMS in an email banner, or integrate any list growth solution of your choice with our API

When the team has more details on the SMS Consent and Checkout feature, I’ll update you both on this thread as well so that we can close the loop. 

Thanks so much for your support, and I hope you have a fantastic New Year! 

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Hello @fortis and @pixelsupply,

Just wanted to follow up on behalf of @cassy.lee and for future Community members to share the exciting update that Klaviyo has recently added the capability to collect SMS consent at checkout!

You can learn more about this feature and how to set this up from the following guides:

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


Is anyone else running into issues with adding the consent checkbox to Shopify Plus?

I’m able to add it and see it but when I apply a discount, the consent checkbox completely disappears.

Any sort of help here would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello @FPEmailUser,

Thank you for bringing this behavior to our attention! 

This behavior certainly does seem odd. I’m going to flag this observation to our Product and Engineering teams to investigate further. 

I’ll provide any updates I received from my team members regarding this behavior.

Thank you for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!


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Hey @FPEmailUser,

We really appreciate you bringing this odd behavior up. Just wanted to provide an update to yourself and other Community members who may be following along to this post.

Through investigations, our Product and Engineering team was able to identify that this was caused by a bug and have since resolved the issue. Using a discount code at checkout will no longer cause the SMS consent model to disappear and would retain its functionality. 

Thanks again for your feedback and bringing this behavior up to our attention! Have a great day!




Is there a solution for this for non-Shopify Plus accounts? We are on Shopify Advanced.



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Hello @jerky,

At this time collecting SMS at checkout would only be supported on Shopify Plus accounts. All other Shopify plans at this time would not be supported. However, i have shared your feedback with our Product Team to explore opportunities of expanding Klaviyo’s capabilities. 

Thank you for being a Klaviyo Community member!


Hi - are you planning (and if yes, when) to add sms collection / consent box to recharge checkout? 

Seems like a lost opportunity, as Recharge has all quick actions in Klaviyo. But as all people above said, without the ability to collect sms numbers via recharge checkout, I don’t see the point of using Klaviyo SMS, as I want to move my order. confirmation etc flows into it.


So I guess we will keep our tens of thousand SMS subscribers (+ all new ones) to our existing SMS provider.

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Hey @Viktorija - FEEL,

Great question!

Our Product Team are working hard to introduce a number of SMS features and capabilities to the Klaviyo platform. At present, the availability of SMS collection at checkout is still being built out and expanded upon. I would be more than happy to share your feedback with our Product team to explore including SMS collection at checkout for ReCharge.

Thank you for the valuable feedback and for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


Hi David - thank you for such quick reply! :)

Is there any chance you would know rough timelines for Recharge checkout once you talked with a team?

Also - is there any interim solution for this?




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Hey @Viktorija - FEEL,

Great question!

The timeline of when new features are rolled out depends on a number of factors determined by our Product Team. Currently, I wouldn’t be able to provide a timeline for this feature. However, i’ll be sure to update this post when we have any news or when this feature is released so other members who may be following along will get n update as well!

In the interim, a potential solution would be creating a Klaviyo embed form to be installed on your order confirmation page to entice purchasers to subscribe to SMS marketing. In addition, you can also use any of the of the strategies listed in the Guide to Collecting SMS Consent Help Center article to collect SMS consent prior to the checkout process.


SMS Bump seems to have a way for non Shopify users -


Still waiting on Klaviyo to offer guidance